Monday, April 18, 2011

Ciocollo/Grand Palazzo Royale Pampanga

There are lots of hidden nice places in the philippines. Pinoys just dont discover it yet. I on the other hand just recently discovered a beautiful place called Grand palazzo Royale,. or some people know it as ciocollo. Ciocollo is a coffee shop in the middle of a beautiful italian/victorian style setting and its a place usually used for different occasions such as debut, birthday, wedding, baptism etc.. its perfect because inside, theres also a church and different rooms for special occasions, depending on what kind of royal treatment you'd like to experience. its actually my kind of style and id love to spend my special day there. Too bad i didn't have the chance to take pictures of their different ballrooms, i wonder if it can be compared to Las Vegas' Venetian hotel. =) 

Brazo de mercedes Cheescake. One of the best in Ciocollo. the best for me so far, I really enjoyed this mouth watering dessert. :) how i wish they sell it in manila.

(bottom) view outside ciocollo.

(bottom) Ferrero Cake. it was also super good but my brazo over powered this cake.  

 outside one of the ballrooms.
Outside my dream church. (bottom)

cousins. while waiting for our dessert